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One Day Workshop: NativeScript with Angular

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  • Course Code : NSNGW-100
  • Course Version : 1.0
  • Course Duration : 1 Day
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Welcome to the one-day NativeScript with Angular workshop. Below you’ll find the prerequisites, schedule, and instructions for the hands-on activities being held throughout the day.


All attendees must have strong prior JavaScript, TypeScript, and some Angular experience. No prior NativeScript experience is necessary. All attendees must have the NativeScript CLI installed, and all system requirements in place to develop for either iOS or Android. If you haven’t already, complete the installation instructions using the link below.

TIP: If you run into issues completing the setup instructions, try joining the NativeScript Slack and asking questions in the #getting-started channel.

Additionally, please also download and install Visual Studio Code, and then install the editor’s NativeScript extension. You’ll be using NativeScript’s Visual Studio Code extension as you complete this guide.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What is NativeScript

Chapter 3: Project Setup

Chapter 4: UI

Chapter 5: Navigation

Chapter 6: Components and Services

Chapter 7: Plugins

Chapter 8: App Challenge 1: Build a List

Chapter 9: App Challenge 2: Master-Detail Pages

Chapter 10: App Challenge 3: Setting Up a Form

Chapter 11: What's Next?

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