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Introduction to NativeScript with Angular

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  • Course Code : NSNG-111
  • Course Version : 1.0
  • Course Duration : 3 Days
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NativeScript Training Introduction to NativeScript with Angular course teaches developers with zero NativeScript and Angular experience how to start from scratch and develop an application that will run on iOS and Android.

Training Materials

All attendees receive courseware and the latest/best NativeScript textbook as of the date of training.

Software Needed on Each Student Machine

  • Google Chrome
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Node.js installed
  • Android tools set up and working
  • If developing for iOS, a Mac is required with XCode installed and configured
  • Other free software and lab files that Nuvious will specify

Training Objectives

  • Use industry best practices to architect an Angular mobile application with NativeScript
  • Configure the development environment and set up the CLI
  • Use industry standard tools for NativeScript development, including TypeScript
  • Learning the core NativeScript concepts
  • Create, debug, and build a NativeScript with Angular application using the CLI approach


All attendees must have strong prior JavaScript and TypeScript experience. No prior NativeScript experience is necessary, but Angular experience is recommended.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • What is NativeScript?
  • How NativeScript works
  • Resources
  • Documentation
  • API
  • App folder structure
Chapter 2: Configuration

  • Setting up the environment
  • Knowing your tools
  • Using TypeScript
Chapter 3: NativeScript CLI

  • What is the CLI
  • How to use the CLI
  • Commands
  • Solving common problems
Chapter 4: Core Concepts

  • Bootstrapping
  • Application configuration
  • App skeleton
  • Components
  • Component life cycle
  • Error handling
  • Application Life Cycle
  • iOS UIApplicationDelegate
  • Android Activity Events
  • Project Status Bar utils
Chapter 5: UI Basics

  • UI Hierarchy
  • Pages vs Components
  • Layouts
  • Data-binding
  • NgModel
  • Event handling
  • Gestures
  • CSS Styling
Chapter 6: Working with Data

  • Forms
  • File system
  • Remote server
  • Local storage
Chapter 7: Routing and Navigation

  • Declarative routing Approach
  • Programmatic Routing Approach
  • RouterExtensions
  • Routing parameters
Chapter 8: Animations

  • CSS Animations
  • The animate method
  • AnimationDefinition
  • Curves
  • Chaining with Promises
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